Promoting appreciation of books, history, and culture through cross-disciplinary book reviews and articles that help you make sense of both the books you read and the world we live in. 


Historical Fiction Reviews

Book reviews that promote appreciation of our shared global history by expounding the bits of history that pop up in great books.


Literature Reviews

Book reviews that unpack some of the themes, allusions, allegories, and symbolism in literature without going too far down the rabbit hole of literary criticism.


Historical Nonfiction Reviews

Reviews of nonfiction books that put the story back in history. History doesn’t have to be gussied up with fictitious plots to be fascinating.


Bookish Musings

Articles intended to answer the burning questions of book nerds everywhere—E-reader or physical books? Amazon or indie bookstores? What cocktail pairs best with “The Great Gatsby”? How do I make that Turkish dish I read about in “Searching for Gertrude?”