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I’m Laura, and Picking Books is my mind baby. Located on the corner of cultured and kooky, Picking Books is your go-to resource for thought-provoking, in-depth book reviews and bookish lifestyle articles. Picking Books exists not only to help you decide what books to spend your precious reading hours on but also to show you how to get more out of the books you read. 

My mission is to promote appreciation of books and culture through cross-disciplinary book reviews and articles that help you make sense of both the books you read and the world we live in. Because I review books that can teach us about history, society, culture, tolerance, and respect, you may fear that all the books I review are heavy and intellectual. Fear not, there is no highbrow nonsense here.

Finally, I occasionally discuss contemporary issues, but I don’t want political affiliation, race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, economic status, nationality, or any other demographic to come between us. I’m not here to paint history, literature, culture, society, or current events a certain way; I’m only supplying you with the brush. I encourage civil, thoughtful comments and discussion. I will not tolerate personal attacks, hate speech, or any other inflammatory language. Picking Books is a place to share knowledge and insight, so keep an open mind.