6 Ways to Avoid Fake News (Infographic)

6 Ways to Avoid Fake News (Infographic)

The widespread dissemination of fake news and bad journalism (and the epidemic of hatred) is why I wrote my essay, “How to Spot Fake News Despite Your Filter Bubble.” To supplement my essay and help you gear up for 2020, I’ve created a convenient infographic that outlines six ways to avoid fake news.

6 Ways to Avoid Fake News Infographic

6 Ways to Avoid Fake News

Recommended Reputable News Sources

I get that determining which news sources are reputable yourself is tedious and time-consuming. Lucky for you, I’ve got time, some formal education in journalism, and an inquisitive though contrarian mind. Despite my political association, I truly empathize with (and often vehemently criticize) both sides of the aisle. Consequently, there is no better person to provide you with a list of trusted news sources. The following is a list of the news sources I either follow regularly or refer to if I want to cross-reference a piece of journalism.

The Wall Street Journal

Not only is The Wall Street Journal an example of excellent journalism, it’s also a useful learning tool. The Wall Street Journal’s extra focus on economics helps readers gain an even broader understanding of what’s going on in our country. 


The actual news on NPR, which is usually on between radio shows, meets all the criteria of good journalism. I also like some of their shows, my favorite of which is the 1A with Joshua Johnson. The 1A is more analysis and opinion than news, but Johnson does a spectacular job of bringing in lots of view points and keeping things civil.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic is more analysis, and it is left-leaning. The people at The Atlantic, however, do an excellent job writing verifiable, transparent, and coherent stories. 

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette leans slightly right but includes plenty of articles from both sides of the aisle. Also, don’t let the regional nature of the Post-Gazette fool you, the writing and reporting is top notch.

Daily Hypocrite

Daily Hypocrite is a tongue-in-cheek news aggregation site that leans just to the right of center. Because Daily Hypocrite aggregates articles from news sources I don’t typically follow, Daily Hypocrite gets me out of my filter bubble in a big way.

The Associated Press

The AP has the highest journalistic standards of all these recommendations. The AP sets the bar when it comes to ethics in journalism and the AP is continually raising it. If you insist on getting your news from only one source, make it the AP.

No One News Source is Perfect

This list is by no means definitive or exhaustive, only a good place to start. Ultimately, no publication is perfect, but you shouldn’t be so outraged by every news story that you have a sanctimonious temper tantrum anytime anyone utters a word about politics. If that’s the case, you aren’t getting the whole picture from the news you watch, read, or listen to.

You’ll also notice that I didn’t include any television news sources in my list of reputable news sources. I couldn’t recommend any because I don’t watch any. As a high-strung individual, I find television news anxiety-inducing and upsetting. If television news is your thing though, make sure it is verifiable, transparent, and coherent. I also strongly recommend avoiding any news you find on social media.

Book Recommendations

Finally, here is a list of books I like on the subject of fake news, rhetoric, and truth.

  • Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction By Derek Thompson

  • Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News By Kevin Young

  • The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets By Naveed Saleh

  • Thank You for Arguing, Third Edition: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion By Jay Heinrichs

  • Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload By Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

  • The Death of Truth: Notes on Falsehood in the Age of Trump By Michiko Kakutani

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