New Manuscript Critique Service for Authors!

New Manuscript Critique Service for Authors!

Announcing a new manuscript critique service for when you need a fresh, reader-centric perspective on your manuscript.

Now Offering a Manuscript Critique Service

Though I take great care with my book reviews, I don’t gush about every book I read. When I do criticize some part of a book, many of the authors I work with take my criticisms to heart and contact me to pick my brain about ways to improve future books.

I’m always happy to help, but I can be even more helpful if I get a peek at manuscripts before a book is ready for publishing. Consequently, I’ve decided to put my education in professional writing and my experience as a book reviewer to work and offer a manuscript critique service.

What is a Manuscript Critique?

Depending on who you ask, a manuscript critique is either a developmental edit or a professional beta-reading. My manuscript critiques sit somewhere between the two. A manuscript critique gets to the heart of what in your manuscript works and doesn’t work and why. It is a high-level evaluation of your story.

Why Get a Manuscript Critique?

If your beta readers loved your manuscript, you might wonder why you shouldn’t skip straight to copyediting. I recommend a manuscript critique for four reasons.

  1. Good beta readers are hard to find.

    Whether you use a parent, friend, fellow writer, or generous soul you met online, beta readers are rarely thorough. Fellow writers are often biased and family and friends make better moral support (if you’re lucky) than objective, honest evaluators.

  2. Editors are not readers.

    Well, they are. You don’t get into editing books if you hate reading, but editors are a technical and unforgiving bunch. That’s helpful and necessary of course, but a critique by a professional book reviewer can give you a reader’s perspective of your manuscript without bogging you down with mechanics. This is especially important if you are going the self-publishing route.

  3. A manuscript critique will save you money on copy editing.

    Whether self-publishing or not, most authors need to hire a copyeditor, and copyeditors are not cheap. In my affordable manuscript critique, I will alert you to any glaring typos, inaccuracies, or inconsistencies, so your copyeditor won’t have to waste time (and money) on obvious errors. 

  4. A manuscript critique will help you unlock your manuscript’s potential.

    Perhaps you’ve been told by well-meaning agents, publishers, or friends that your manuscript “has potential” and are now wondering what that means. Maybe your book is good, just too wordy or boring in places. Or maybe your characters or dialogue don’t seem real enough. No matter what the issue, a manuscript critique will help you drill down what you need to do to unlock your book’s potential.

For pricing and more information on my manuscript critique service, visit my manuscript critique service page.

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