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A Mouth-Watering Ezme Recipe That Will Make You Forget Salsa

Recipe review of Peter Sommer Travels’ ezme. Although ezme is reminiscent of salsa, it’s also bruschetta-like. It’s a simple recipe that tastes like so much more than the sum of its parts. Ezme makes an excellent condiment for Cooks Illustrated’s almost no-knead whole wheat bread, and I enjoyed it more than fresh salsa. Like Sommers says, the flavor is complex.

Breakfast Burrito Recipe

A recipe on a book review blog? Yes! You won’t see these often, but we readers always need more time to read! The best way I’ve found to squeeze in a few extra moments with a book is to make breakfast quickly. By making breakfast in a cook-once-eat-for-a-week fashion, I have more time in the morning and my mornings are less stressful.