Book Reviews

Picking Books is your go-to resource for cross-disciplinary book reviews. What’s a cross-disciplinary book review you ask? It’s a book review that includes all the normal book review stuff but also goes beyond the book and takes a look at how history, society, and culture relates to the book. If you’re looking for thoughtful, in-depth book reviews, look no further.


Historical Fiction Reviews

My historical fiction reviews promote appreciation of our shared global history by expounding the bits of history that pop up in great books.


Literature Reviews

In my literature reviews, I aim to unpack some of the themes, allusions, allegories, and symbolism in literature without going too far down the rabbit hole of literary criticism.


General Fiction Reviews

Not all fiction fits tidily into one genre, which is why I write reviews of cross-genre and genre-less books too.


Fantasy Reviews

No, I’m not some crazed LotR or GoT fan. Wait. Does using the abbreviations LotR and GoT make me a crazed fan?


Nonfiction Reviews

Find out which self-improvement books, memoirs, and history books are worth reading. There’s something here for every nonfiction fan.