I’m a huge book nerd. Ok, I’m a pretty huge nerd in general, and my interests are vast, which is why I had to include a bookish lifestyle section. In my Lifestyle section, you’ll find bookish essays, lists, and recipes as well as posts about what I do when I’m not reading.



Current events influence books. Current events also influence our analysis of books. And sometimes books get us thinking about things we never considered before.


Book(ish) Lists

I write book recommendation lists as well as bookish lists about topics like why I love audiobooks and how to increase your attention span.


Bookish Food

Mmm food. Sometimes you read about a certain food in a book and you must try it. (Ever wondered what Turkish Delight tastes like?) Sometimes you need an appetizer idea for bookclub. And sometimes you need a quick recipe so you can get back to your books.


Bookish Living

Whether you need to spend less time on your home so you can spend more time on your books or you want to do something artsy fartsy when you finally put down your book, I’m here for you.