Manuscript Critique Service

Not sure what to do with the feedback from your beta readers? Wondering whether your manuscript is good enough to warrant the expense of a talented editor? A manuscript critique will help you with these issues and more.

What to Expect from A Manuscript Critique

After inquiring about my services and telling me about your book, I’ll ask you to email me your manuscript as either a PDF, Word document, Pages document, or Google Docs document. Over the course of a few weeks, I’ll read it, analyze it, and compose an editorial letter of about 1000 words (700 words for short stories) going over what I liked about the manuscript and what could be improved, which I will email you. I will never share your manuscript with anyone else.

If you’ve read my book reviews, you know that I take books very seriously. I put the same thought and care into manuscript critiques as I do my book reviews. When critiquing a manuscript, I ask the following questions:

  • Is the premise valid? Does it make sense?

  • Is the story interesting?

  • How long did the story take to get going?

  • Is any part of the story particularly confusing or unclear?

  • Are there any plot holes?

  • Is the story accurate? (This question is more for nonfiction, historical fiction, and science fiction.)

  • Is the story believable?

  • Are the characters believable or relatable?

  • Is the dialogue believable and natural?

  • Did the story flow?

  • Did the story lag anywhere?

  • Is the manuscript wordy or awkward anywhere?

  • How difficult is it to keep track of characters and locations?

  • Was there enough description? Too much?

  • Are there any glaring, repetitive grammar, punctuation, or spelling issues?

  • Does it follow the rules and expectations of the genre? If it doesn’t, does it break the rules in smart or creative ways?

  • Is the story too predictable?

  • Is the story too complicated or hard to follow?

  • Is the information in the book verifiable, transparent, and coherent? (For nonfiction only.)

  • Is the book helpful or actionable? (For self-improvement and productivity books only.)

  • Are there any parts of the story that should be looked at by a sensitivity reader?

  • Is the author sending any unintentional messages?

Genres I Critique

I critique short stories, novellas, novels, and nonfiction books in the following genres:

  • General Fiction

  • Historical Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Speculative Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Fantasy

  • Memoir

  • Self-Improvement

  • Productivity

  • Pop Psychology

  • Pop Philosophy

Manuscript Critique Pricing

Short Stories

  • 1,500–15,000 words: $50

  • 15,001–30,000 words: $75

Novellas, Novels, and Nonfiction books

  • 30,000–50,000 words: $100

  • 50,000–70,000 words: $150

  • 70,000–90,000 words: $200

  • 90,000–110,000 words: $250

The turnaround time for manuscript critiques is about five to seven weeks depending on the length of your manuscript and my current work load. Due to time constraints, I’m currently unable to critique manuscripts of more than 110,000 words. I do not ask for any money up front. Payment is due within 14 calendar days of receiving your editorial letter. I invoice and accept payment through PayPal.

Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions or would like to work together, email me at laura (at) laurasandonato (dot) com or fill out the contact form below. Please include a little bit about your book (length, premise, genre) and where you are in the manuscript development process.

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